Country Statistics 2014

GII Ranked
HDI Ranked
Female Population
Male Population
Women 29%
Men 40%

Total labour wage employment accounts

Women 49%
Men 36%

Workers that lacked the protection of labour contract

Women 63.4%
Men 57.5%

Workers engaged in agriculture in rural area

Viet Nam became a lower-middle-income country in 2010, and achieved most of the Millennium Development Goals including by meeting targets under Goal 3 on gender equality. The country hosts 54 ethnic groups of which Kinh is the majority, accounting for 87% of the population.

Key Achievements

Through the CEDAW SEAP programme, more than 2000 government officers, parliamentarians, law and policy makers, gender experts and civil society representatives in Viet Nam enhanced their understanding on CEDAW and their capacity to apply CEDAW principles in practice. The programme supported opportunities to address issues concerning women’s rights ranging from rights to public and political life, employment, marriage to access to justice through legal reforms as well as international and regional human rights mechanisms.

Major partners:

  • Ministry of Labour Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) for CEDAW implementation in general and inter-ministerial coordination
  • Ministry of Justice for gender responsive legal reforms and enhancing women’s access to justice
  • Parliamentary Committee on Social Affairs (PCSA) for raising awareness on CEDAW among elected bodies and to conduct gender assessment of the laws reviewed by the National Assembly
  • Networks of civil society organizations (CSOs) working on gender equality such as the Gender and Community Development Network and Domestic Violence Prevention Network to advocate for better CEDAW implementation in Viet Nam


Date of Accession/ Ratification:
29 July 1980 (signed), 17 February 1982 (ratified)
Article 29 (1)
Optional Protocol:  Not Signed
Reporting Status:
Shadow Report
  • Shadow report for 2006 and 2010 (not official)
  • Joint submission by GENCOMNET, DOVIPNET and NEW in 2015
Concluding Observations
Follow-up reports
Due July 2017
Coordinating Agency for CEDAW implementation:
  • Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA)
  • National Committee for the Advancement of Women (NCFAW)
  • Viet Nam National Assembly’s Parliamentary Committee for Social Affairs (PCSA)
  • Viet Nam Women’s Union