Country Statistics

GII Ranked, 2013
HDI Ranked, 2014
Female Population, 2014
Male Population, 2014

Key Industries where Women are Located

  • Women (33%)
  • Men (67%)


  • Women (24%)
  • Men (76%)


  • Women (33%)
  • Men (67%)


The distribution of employed women and men by industry in the 2010 LFS shows that other than the primary industry, women are concentrated in wholesale and retail trades (25% of those employed are women).

Key Achievements

  • UN Women contributed to enhanced knowledge and skills of justice system actors by providing technical and capacity development support to the government and civil society members of the Legal and Gender Working Group in review of legislation from a women’s human rights (WHR) perspectives.
  • 24 MPs (37% of all MPs) from different Committees demonstrated increased understanding of the importance of reviewing draft laws from a WHR perspective.
  • The Ministry of Justice integrated WHR’s perspective into the draft curriculum of the Legal Training Centre, pending approval  from  the Pedagogical Council. It is a step towards the institutionalization of WHR’s in the justice sector.
  • UN Women strengthened the capacity of the Government and CSOs in their implementation, monitoring and reporting of CEDAW COs. The Strategic Development Plan (2011 – 2030),  the  Constitutional Government Programme (2012 -2017), and the Parliamentary Resolution on Gender Responsive Budgeting (2009) prioritized gender mainstreaming in Government policies, plans and budgets.

Photo credit: UN Women/Christina Yiannakis


Date of Accession/ Ratification:
16 April 2003 (acceded)
Reservations: None
Optional Protocol:
16 April 2003 (acceded)
Reporting Status:
Shadow Report
NGOs Alternative Report submitted by NGOs Working Group on CEDAW Alternative Report
Concluding Observations
From initial report at 44th session
Follow-up reports
Coordinating Agency for CEDAW implementation:
  • Secretary of State for the Promotion of Equality
  • Centre of Studies for Peace and Development (CEPAD)
  • Secretary of State for the Promotion of Equality (SEPI)