Country Statistics 2014

GII Ranked
HDI Ranked
Female Population
Male Population
Female 96.7%
Male 96.6%

Literacy rate for 15 yrs old and over (2015 est)

Female 77.54 years
Male 71 years

Life expectancy at birth

Female 64.4%
Male 80.8%

Labor force – by occupation (2012)

Key Achievements

UN Women contributed to enhance skills and knowledge for Thai CSOs on WHR-based legislative analysis drafting and advocacy through exchange and networking. As a result, a women’s legislative advocacy network has been formed, and also establishing a women’s legislative agenda, reviewing legislative proposals, and drafting position papers on pending bill (GE Bill.) Also, in partnership with LRCT to draft an alternate GE Bill with received inputs from WHR activists and judges that aims to protect LGBT against gender discrimination, GBV, sexual harassment and addressed groups that require a special attention, including tribal women, women with disabilities, pregnant women, women living with HIV and single mothers, resulting to a submission position paper by LRCT to the Cabinet on draft revisions to the Penal Code regarding sexual abuse/sexual crimes and the violation of child rights, and on the women empowerment fund.

UN Women supported evidence based documentation through life stories of five tribal women from Lahoo, Hmong, Karen, Palong and Mien tribes, in oreder to provide recommendations for improvement of strategic legal frameworks to better protect the rights of tribal women and used in legislative advocacy  for the GE Bill.

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Date of Accession/ Ratification:  9 Aug 1985
Reservations:  Article 29 (1)
Optional Protocol:  Ratified 14 June 2000
Reporting Status:
  • Initial report examined at 9th Session, 1990
  • Combined 2nd and 3rd reports examined at 20th session, 1999
  • Combined 4th and 5th reports examined at 34th session, 2006
  • Combined 6th and 7th reports due September 2010
Shadow Report Thailand’s Second NGO Alternative Report submitted by CEDAW NGO Report Working Group
Concluding Observations
Concluding observations from 34th session
Follow-up reports
Coordinating Agency for CEDAW implementation:
  • Office of Women’s Affairs and Family Development;
  • Ministry of Social Development and Human Security;
  • Law Reform Commission of Thailand;
  • Thailand: Teeranat Kanjanauksorn Foundation (TKF);
  • ProRights Foundation

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