Country Statistics 2014

GII Ranked
HDI Ranked
Female Population
Male Population
Female 96.8%
Male 95.8%

Literacy rate for 15 yrs old and over (2015 est)

Female 75.59 years
Male 69.52 years

Life expectancy at birth

Female 50.3%
Male 78.4%

Labor force – by occupation

Key Achievements

1.    CEDAW Concluding Comment on strengthened legal framework and discriminatory provisions in laws, and on strengthening NWM

CEDAW and other GE commitments integrated in national development plan and system-wide accountability mechanism strengthened with coordinated and integrated approach, through the formulation of Women’s EDGE Plan. This also strengthened NWM’s position to coordinate MCW implementation, undertake policy oversight, and advance priority legislative agenda.

Awareness and understanding of Philippine commitments under CEDAW strengthened and deepened among key duty bearer institutions with strategic role to provide policy oversight, deliver justice, and adopt and amend laws (executive, judicial and legislative branches).

Capacity to use CEDAW as standard and basis for formulating and reviewing national laws and policies strengthened.



Date of Accession/ Ratification: 15 July 1980 (signed), 5 Aug 1981 (ratified)
Reservations: None
Optional Protocol: Ratified 12 November 2003
Reporting Status:
  • Initial report examined in 1984
  • 2nd report examined in 1991
  • 3rd and 4th combined reports examined at 16th Session, 1997
  • 5th and 6th combined reports examined at 36th Session, 2006
  • 7th and 8th combined reports due in 1st September 2010
Shadow Report
Philippine NGOs Shadow Report submitted by Women’s Legal Bureau, INC
Concluding Observations
Concluding observations from 36th session
General Recommendation
Coordinating Agency for CEDAW implementation:
  • Commission on Human Rights (CHR) – Gender Ombudsman

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