Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Country Statistics

GII Ranked in 2013
HDI Ranked in 2014
Female Population in 2015
Male Population in 2015
Female 63.2%
Male 82.5%

National Literacy Rate for 15 yrs old and over

Female 78.7%
Male 89.2%

Youth Literacy Rate for 15-24 years old

Female 65.6 years
Male 61.5 years

Life Expectancy at birth

Key Achievements

The main contribution of the project in Lao PDR was the establishment of a government-wide approach to the implementation, monitoring and reporting on CEDAW/COBs at the national and subnational levels through the SubCAWs.

As of 2014, the government announced stronger protection measures for violence against women and children including passing a new Law on Combatting Violence against Women and Children in December 2014.

The government started preparing for a CEDAW state report in 2014 and the work is on-going.; other key achievements  includes – ssystem-wide commitment and capacity for implementation, monitoring and reporting on CEDAW; combating Violence against Women and promoting due diligence standards to legislative approaches and mainstreaming gender-aspects to policy making and development planning , particularly on the national strategic plan.



Date of Accession/ Ratification:
17 July 1980 (signed), 14 Aug 1981 (ratified)
Reservations: None
Optional Protocol:
Not signed
Reporting Status:
Shadow reports
Compilation of reports on the Situation of rural women in Lao PDR, submitted by International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW Asia Pacific)
Concluding Observations
Concluding observations from 44th session
Follow-up reports
Coordinating Agency for CEDAW implementation:
  • National Commission for the Advancement of Women (Lao NCAW);
  • Lao Women’s Union (LWU);
  • National Assembly
  • Ministry of Justice

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